We create


new worlds

elemental fire

We create new worlds
of elemental fire
Transforming the authentic moment of connection around a fire into an experience that you can enjoy every day. That has always been the vision of Andreas Ketels, Glowbus® artist and founder.

Corporate social responsibility is a structural part of everything we do. We constantly work to reduce our ecological impact and seize opportunities to offer employment to vulnerable communities. We want to connect with culture and nature.

Glowbus® is handmade

Glowbus® is handmade

Glowbus® is handmade

Not only is the Glowbus® collection the result of years of creative thinking, every piece is built with a perfect balance of authentic handicrafts and modern techniques.

We are proud to feature the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label.

Glowbus® has already planted


hectares of forest

Glowbus® is conscious

With every purchase of a Glowbus® Dewdrop, we donate an amount to an organisation committed to nature conservation. It results in 25 trees being planted. In this way, we are working, tree by tree, on creating a phenomenal Glowbus® forest.

We continuously work to optimise our production and transport processes, looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

Glowbus® is durable

We resolutely choose the most durable and sustainable materials. This is the only way we can guarantee the longest possible lifespan of our collection. We want you to be able to enjoy your Glowbus® without a worry in the world.

We have no interest in creating fire pits that rust through, fall apart or have to be replaced every few years. Our choice for corten steel ensures a lifespan eight times longer than ordinary steel. This allows us to minimise our share in the throwaway society.

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“All my life I have been fascinated by fire and artistic construction. I am sharing this passion with the world through the Glowbus® collection. It gives me pleasure, every day, to experience the gratitude of customers who are discovering and enjoying this new world of fire. Being part of that is a privilege I cherish. It inspires me to continue expanding the collection and the entire experience surrounding it.”

Fiery regards,

Andreas Ketels Artist & founder of Glowbus®