Discover new



elemental fire

Discover new worlds
of elemental fire
Small, authentic moments of tranquillity are becoming increasingly rare in a world that’s moving ever faster. A little moment of connection and relaxation with your loved ones or friends is priceless.

As humans we have always had a connection with fire. And even in our modern world, fire continues to provide moments of social connection.

Even in modern times

we find each other

around elemental fire.




Welcome to Glowbus®

Glowbus®'s mission is to connect bon vivants and those seeking added value with worlds of authentic fire to make unique, unparalleled experiences. The original Glowbus® collection is so much more than a ‘fire pit’.

Ten years ago, Andreas Ketels, artist and founder of Glowbus®, drew the first line of what grew to be the Glowbus® collection.
Each piece in our collection is a handmade, functional work of art. An eye-catcher that invites you for a moment of conviviality. Thanks to its design and light play, every Glowbus® takes an evening around a crackling fire into a completely different dimension.

We also bring this experience indoors, so that you can enjoy magical Glowbus® moments anytime, anywhere.

Glowbus® for life

Because we believe in sustainable and ecologically responsible products, we only work with the most durable materials. This ensures your Glowbus® will deliver those special moments for an entire lifetime.

In addition, with every Dewdrop design fire pit sold, we donate an amount to organisations committed to the conservation of nature and forests. It results in 25 trees being planted.